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Upcoming Expeditions 2024

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A like-minded community of riders ready to explore the wildest horse riding adventures in the world

✓ good company

pristine landscapes

✓ crazy stories

✓ delicious food

✓ in-depth cultural experiences

✓ amazing horses

✓ fast rides

✓ most importantly - true friendships

Unleash your spirit of adventure - once you start, there's no going back. Let's ride!


Upcoming Horse Riding Expeditions 2024




3 - 10 JULY


- Gaby Terzieva, 

1000km Ride, Namib Desert, 2022.

As an ardent traveller and adventure seeker, all my worldwide exploits have been provoked by one simple desire – to search for the hidden beneath the visible and expand the limits of my abilities. The only way to do so is through complete immersion with the local culture.

The story of Bronco's founder Gaby Terzieva 


from our Bronco Riders

Bronco is a great company to work with if you’re looking for a true adventure. Whether it’s a calm weekend in a quaint, traditional Bulgarian village where sweet grandmas knit you warm, woolen socks while you taste the local fry bread for breakfast, or you’re galloping with the wind, through the steppes of Mongolia with nomads and eagles, Bronco promises you unique, exclusive experiences that you’ll be telling your grandchildren about one day.

Ina Danova

Bronco’s horse-riding adventures are close to unreal. You only start with the amazing rides through unearthly sights. You add up to the experience by getting to know new cultures, residing with locals or sleeping under the stars; playing live music in the middle of the desert; dancing around the fire in the steppes… All of that while feeling safe with an amazing team and impeccable organisation. 
Warning - it’s addictive!

Petya Karabiberova

Yeehaw, saddle up folks!  This team certainly knows how to wow their guests with a top-notch equestrian adventures! Bronco Wild simply knocked it out of the park with their choice of accommodations. The icing on top was the great company we had on the trip - we met new friends from all over the world and shared tons of laughter and funny moments together. The skilled guides from Bronco took us on scenic rides that allowed us to experience the stunning landscapes of the Sahara Desert in a unique and unforgettable way.

Ali Nomani

Let them take you for a wild ride! Bronco Wild is dedicated to bringing horse trails that are off the beaten track, hence attracting the real adventurers amongst us. I like the fact that there is attention towards incorporating the local culture into the whole riding experience. The choice of accommodations has been phenomenal and you can tell they are picked with an aesthetic eye and to bring you closer to the local way of life. The horses have been happy and healthy, and the crowd has always been upbeat and fun to ride with, making for memorable riding vacations.

Omer Khan

Bronco Wild Club is rated Excellent

Based on 12 reviews

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