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All about Bronco's founder Gaby Terzieva


​An art historian specialized in Islamic art and architecture, a qualified tour guide, a horse riding instructor and trainer, an off-road maniac, and an ex-professional dancer - that's me! Beneath this versatile persona, however, lies the constant necessity for traveling and exploring untrodden paths and destinations. At the age of 20, I embarked on a life-changing journey to cross my first desert on horseback, riding with local Bedouin tribes and sleeping under the open sky for weeks.


Since then, I have traveled extensively on horseback, exploring countries such as India, Mongolia, Kenya, Argentina, Iceland, Jordan, Spain, Morocco, and more. My most challenging and rewarding experience was crossing 1000km through the Namib Desert in Namibia in 2022.


In 2021, I founded Bronco with two goals in mind: to support local cultures and their longstanding traditions with horses and to create a community of horse lovers who are eager to explore the world together. We work directly with local communities to aid them in developing new trails and starting their own businesses, supporting their families and preserving their heritage.


I believe that horse culture is a vital link to our heritage and history, reminding us of our roots and who we truly are. I have decided that I don't want to tell stories anymore. I want people to see the beauty of this world with their own eyes. I want them part of these unique adventures. I created BRONCO for you, wild travellers! It's time to start writing your own stories!

What is Bronco? 

Bronco challenges the traditional way of travelling. In the western USA states, bronco is the term used by local ranchers to describe a bucking horse. The bucking horse has been a symbol of wilderness, resistance, opposition, representing the wild, unrestrained nature of the being. However, the meaning of this simple word goes beyond the concept of the wild and natural. It carries a profound message that speaks to our most basic instincts. 


The bucking horse's reaction is a reflection of its most natural instinct to protect itself and escape from danger. At Bronco, we aim to create experiences that not only form unforgettable memories but also evoke your fearless and uncontrollable self, which will get you out of the routine lifestyle for a second. Like a bucking horse, we are pushing you out of the boundaries of your comfort zone, provoking you to look deeper within yourself. 


In the wilderness, your existence is belittled, and everything you've gone through in life seems insignificant and meaningless. It's only in such an environment that you can truly know your capabilities and limits, or the lack of such. It's only in such moments that you can come close to a horse's true nature, one that's still untouched by the human hand.


Listening to your innate instincts...

Searching for your wild nature, dormant under the beats of modern times...

Finding your authenticity and wisdom...

Going back to your roots...

This is Bronco! ​

Bronco Tour Leaders

Catalina Camp Prats - Tour Leader / Spanish Market

Catalina leads all groups from Spain. She is an amazing guide and her story will leave you in awe:

"Adventure calls for me: wild mustangs’ trainer, endurance rider and tour leader of horse riding expeditions around the world...

I have worked with horses my whole life and I have been shooting films for years now. Imagine the most beautiful horse riding scene that you have ever seen… I will tell you a secret: reality always beats fiction. That is why I go out and live real adventures!

I discovered, as a pony club instructor and trail guide, how to overcome my own and other’s limits and fears. Working in France for the top world endurance team I gained incredible resilience and strength of character. And all the years I have spent at a very special ranch in California training wild mustangs has shaped me like nothing else has - ranch life is hard but I am happy with mud in my feet and alfalfa in my hair. 

The ultimate challenge for me took place in The Grand Canyon (Arizona): I rode for days with my favorite mustang, under extreme conditions, with only a paper map (no, no gps) and taking care of a less experienced rider friend (who did amazing). I will never forget how great and beautiful this adventure was and at night, laying alone under the stars, just surrounded by horses and vast nature, I realized what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. 

Now my beloved grandma calls me “la salvaje” which means “the wild one”. Riding makes me feel alive, courageous and free. And I want to share it.  If you are also passionate about horses and have a thirst for adventures, join me for my next expedition - the mud will wash off but the experience will last a lifetime!"

How to Become a Tour Leader?

How to Become a Tour Leader?

Bronco Wild Club is looking for adventurous riders ready to embark on horse-riding safaris all over the world.

✔ If you are a good rider with experience in trail riding and/or other horse riding-related activities

✔ If you have a dream to travel the world on horseback

✔ If you like challenges and you are ready to discover the wildest places on Earth

Bronco provides you with the opportunity to assemble groups of riders from your own country and guide them on our thrilling adventures. Ensuring the happiness of our clients is a priority for us, so we want to offer them the chance to travel with a trusted companion who speaks their language and understands their needs firsthand. As a Bronco Tour Leader, you'll relish the freedom, flexibility, and creative atmosphere of your work, all while being supported by our team at all times. Our goal is to help you establish a close-knit community of riders and collaborate with us in creating and expanding new trails.

Please, contact us for further details. 


Join Us

Get in touch if you want to join me on my next horse-riding adventure around the world

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